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#FOECast – What forecasting methods should we consider?

Today’s question for FOECast’s Ideation Week is: What forecasting methods should we consider? I am far less qualified to address this question than yesterday’s. But in reading a few of the resources that Bryan provided, I’ll offer a few thoughts. … Continue reading

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Today I am Grateful …

(With apologies to the Ketchikan Daily News–I wrote this for their AdLib column but forgot to send it while on vacation last week.) For the past few weeks the Library has had a display across from the circulation desk, asking … Continue reading

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DirLead, day 1

Yesterday I voted at Fawn Mountain School—my first election in Ketchikan—and then headed to the airport. I was waiting for the airport ferry when a woman with a kind face said to me, “Are you the new library director?” “Yes,” … Continue reading

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Hurricane Marilyn

Twenty-two years ago this week, I was living in St. Thomas, working at the Ralph M. Paiewonsky Library at the University of the Virgin Islands.  For the 2 ½ years that I’d lived on the island, I’d heard horror stories … Continue reading

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Kaleidoscopic reading

When I’m stressed or nervous about something, I often listen to radio or a book to get to sleep at night.  It has to be words, not music—something to get me thinking about something else than what is making me … Continue reading

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I admire Monica Lewinsky

24 hours ago I would not have said this. I, with many millions of others, thought of her as a celebrity, little more than a cartoon character. The young, bubble-headed woman who behaved inappropriately with President Bill Clinton back in … Continue reading

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Ketchikan Library use, 2013-2016

This is the report distributed to the Ketchikan City Council for their March 16, 2017 meeting, and cited in a subsequent KRBD story: Background At the Joint Ketchikan Gateway Borough-City of Ketchikan Cooperative Relations Committee meeting of February 10, 2017, the … Continue reading

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