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Bill Von Rissen

William “Bill” Von Rissen, our paternal grandmother’s uncle, is the subject of much family lore.  He was born in Cincinnati on the 21st of February, 1888, and as a young man was a clerk and a teamster (that is, he … Continue reading

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Irene Von Rissen

Irene Von Rissen is our first cousin, twice removed—our paternal grandmother’s first cousin on her father’s side.  She was born in 1897, in Cincinnati, to John and Rose Von Rissen.  She worked as a bookkeeper, an inspector (of what we … Continue reading

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The Death of George Theetge

The first three stories in this series were about our mother’s ancestors.  But our father’s ancestors had more of a reputation for lawlessness. Family lore is that our paternal grandfather’s maternal grandfather, Percy Theetge, killed a man in the early … Continue reading

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Pauline Eng

Pauline Eng Jackman Mirrielees Eschenbrenner is the subject of this post.  She was our maternal grandmother’s maternal grandmother (so, for members of the family, she was Great-Grandma Ritter’s mother).  There are many mysteries in Pauline’s life, starting with the year … Continue reading

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Frank Reting – Santen

In my search for information about ‘Aunt Mamie’, I found reference to another family secret.  A newspaper article from February 1902 quoted Mamie on the disappearance of her father, Fire Company Captain Frank Reting.  She said that he had been … Continue reading

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Aunt Mamie

About the time I graduated from high school, Grandma Maly, our mother’s mother, told us a story about her Aunt Mamie:   When Aunt Mamie was young her boyfriend got her pregnant. Not only did he refuse to marry her, … Continue reading

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Kaleidoscopic reading

When I’m stressed or nervous about something, I often listen to radio or a book to get to sleep at night.  It has to be words, not music—something to get me thinking about something else than what is making me … Continue reading

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