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Aunt Mamie

About the time I graduated from high school, Grandma Maly, our mother’s mother, told us a story about her Aunt Mamie: When Aunt Mamie was young her boyfriend got her pregnant. Not only did he refuse to marry her, but … Continue reading

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Kaleidoscopic reading

When I’m stressed or nervous about something, I often listen to radio or a book to get to sleep at night.  It has to be words, not music—something to get me thinking about something else than what is making me … Continue reading

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Parnassus on Wheels

What a blah weekend!  Raw and rainy, neither Saturday nor Sunday inspired me to any great exertions. On Saturday I drove to the south end of Tongass Highway for the first time (and for those of you who urged me … Continue reading

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I admire Monica Lewinsky

24 hours ago I would not have said this. I, with many millions of others, thought of her as a celebrity, little more than a cartoon character. The young, bubble-headed woman who behaved inappropriately with President Bill Clinton back in … Continue reading

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Ketchikan Library use, 2013-2016

This is the report distributed to the Ketchikan City Council for their March 16, 2017 meeting, and cited in a subsequent KRBD story: Background At the Joint Ketchikan Gateway Borough-City of Ketchikan Cooperative Relations Committee meeting of February 10, 2017, the … Continue reading

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Settling in …

I have been very remiss!  A lot has happened since I last posted about moving to Ketchikan. I started work on January 9, and since then have been learning just how fortunate I am to have a job working with … Continue reading

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And now for something …

… completely different. I finally did it—I purchased an DNA test and sent it in.  I just received the results and there were no surprises—at least no surprises in the past few generations. According to the DNA analysis, our … Continue reading

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