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Enlighten Us

Last weekend I watched Enlighten Us, a documentary about self-help speaker James Arthur Ray, who was convicted in the 2009 deaths of three participants in a sweat lodge endurance test that Ray organized and led. The documentary traces Ray’s upbringing … Continue reading

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Beware the victim …

Most of us have been the victim of something or other at some time in our lives. Abusive relationships, natural disasters, or hard economic times—we have all experienced these or other hurtful things. What these situations have in common is … Continue reading

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#FOECast – What shape should a new effort take?

Today’s question for FOECast’s Ideation Week is: What shape should a new effort take? As far as the process by which a product is created, the discussion in the Google Doc is an excellent exploration of the possibilities.  As a … Continue reading

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#FOECast – What forecasting methods should we consider?

Today’s question for FOECast’s Ideation Week is: What forecasting methods should we consider? I am far less qualified to address this question than yesterday’s. But in reading a few of the resources that Bryan provided, I’ll offer a few thoughts. … Continue reading

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#FOECast – What Needs did the Horizon Report meet?

What was the Horizon Report? It was a set of reports published each year by the New Media Consortium, compiling the thoughts of leaders in information technology, education and libraries on the short and long-term trends in technology, and how … Continue reading

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Henry Steinkamp’s Civil War

This Thanksgiving our stepmother Carolyn gave me copies of the letters of her great granduncle Henry Steinkamp. Carolyn’s father’s paternal grandmother, Angelina Magsig, was born Angelina Steinkamp in 1858. She was three years old when her older brother Henry enlisted … Continue reading

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In-Flight Adventures

I just got back from visiting family over Thanksgiving week. It was great to see everyone and share stories and memories. The last time I visited was 11 months ago, when I was driving across the country to my new … Continue reading

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