#FOECast – What shape should a new effort take?

Today’s question for FOECast’s Ideation Week is: What shape should a new effort take?

As far as the process by which a product is created, the discussion in the Google Doc is an excellent exploration of the possibilities.  As a library director who is interested in technology but by no means an expert, I can better speak to the product I would find most useful.

The Horizon Report was highly curated, with a list of trends, when they were expected to peak, and brief and detailed explanations of them and their potential impact on education. The way the Report was organized made it easy for me as the reader to quickly find what I needed and as much as I needed, and no more.

It would be helpful for one or more of the FOECast’s products to be as highly structured, descriptive and concise as was the Horizon Report, however wide-ranging and broad-based the underlying process. When determining goals for the year or developing a multi-year strategic plan, a Report-style product would come in handy.

The FOECast process would be public, with invitations to join and contribute to the discussion. On the product side, experts would evaluate, cull, categorize and curate, using their knowledge and experience to create a product or products that can be easily used by libraries, schools, museums and other organizations.

About Pat Tully

Librarian exploring effective leadership, local history and community service.
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