Settling in …

I have been very remiss!  A lot has happened since I last posted about moving to Ketchikan. I started work on January 9, and since then have been learning just how fortunate I am to have a job working with great people, in a beautiful building and with such community involvement and support. I have a lot to learn–every library has its own procedures and policies, and those in Ketchikan are all to make things as seamless as possible for our users. I’m catching on, if a bit slowly …

Deer Mountain from the library

Deer Mountain from the library

It is easy to be distracted by the beauty of the building and surroundings. The windows look out over Deer Mountain, now snow-topped, and striking whether the sun is shining or fog is moving in. The view from my office is a little more prosaic–I see KRBD, Ketchikan’s community radio station. They are excellent neighbors–the library has a regular morning spot to publicize programs and services, and people here listen to KRBD.  And from my office door, I see the library’s beautiful fireplace–a popular place for people to read, or just sit and think.

Speaking of fireplaces, last week I visited the Ketchikan campus of University of Alaska Southeast.  The library is on the second floor of the Ziegler Building, with beautiful views of the city and water.  Campus Director Priscilla Schulte, Librarian Kathleen Wiechelman and I sat near a virtual fireplace that their IT department created. It is so realistic you can almost feel the warmth!  The creativity and dedication that Kathleen, Shellie Tabb, and everyone at UAS-Ketchikan demonstrate to student learning and success is inspiring!

And on Friday we said goodbye to Outreach Librarian George Pasley, who is moving to Tennessee for a new pastorate after over a decade in Ketchikan. Last Thursday we had a going away party for George at the library, and the staff presented him with a handmade book of poetry. (Among other things, George is an accomplished poet.)  On Friday I accompanied him for the library program at the Ketchikan Correctional Center, where the inmates made a celebratory cake and everyone wished George well. George has been feted for the past month and will be deeply missed here. I feel fortunate to have met him, however briefly our paths crossed!  All the best, George, as you begin the next chapter of your life.

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Librarian exploring effective leadership, local history and community service.
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2 Responses to Settling in …

  1. Cathy Ahern says:

    Wow Pat, you have found a wonderful library (and people) community. The natural beauty is an incredible bonus. It is wonderful to read if your good start, and I am sure that many more wonderful moments are ahead. As you have time keep those written thoughts and amazing photos and videos coming!!


    • Pat Tully says:

      Thanks, Cathy–I hope you are doing well! I couldn’t ask for a better community, although I still miss Middletown. Take care and tell everyone at Russell I said hi and I’m thinking of them. You all taught me so much about public libraries and it has proven invaluable here in Ketchikan.


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