And now for something …

… completely different.

I finally did it—I purchased an DNA test and sent it in.  I just received the results and there were no surprises—at least no surprises in the past few generations.

According to the DNA analysis, our ancestry (that is, of my siblings and me) is 46% Western European (Germany, France, other countries in the region).  This is right in line with our family tree—many of our ancestors came from Germany.

Another 30% is Irish. Our maternal grandfather was from Bruckless, a town in Donegal, Ireland, and there are Irish ancestors on our father’s side as well.

And 18% is from Great Britain.  Our mother’s great-grandfather was Archibald Mirrielees, from Scotland.

So that accounts for 94% of our ancestry.  The 6% is a little more mysterious:

2% – Caucasus (West Asia)

< 1% – North Africa

< 1% – South Asia (India and surrounding region)

< 1% – Finland/Northwest Russia

< 1% – Scandinavia

Archibald Mirrielees’ wife, our maternal 2nd great grandmother, was born with the surname Eng, We always assumed this was a German name, and so it may be. On the other hand, it may be something more exotic.

More investigation may be in order …


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