Bellingham, Washington

After a very smooth, 3-hour drive from Ellensburg over the Snoqualmie Pass, I reached Bellingham, Washington early yesterday afternoon. I checked the Washington State road conditions beforehand, and learned that the elk are migrating and consequently drivers should watch out for them on the road over the pass. I looked and looked, but no elk! Probably a good thing, but it was disappointing …

A light rain was falling in Bellingham, and before I went to the hotel I found a car wash (thanks to Yelp).  It took a bit of doing to wash away two week’s of dirt, grit and salt, but I can now drive off the ferry in Ketchikan with a clean little car.

Today I get in line to drive onto the ferry at 1pm, and we leave port at 4pm. We’ll get to Ketchikan on Sunday morning, and I’ll post my next entry sometime that day.

Happy New Year’s Eve to everyone!

December 29

December 29

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Librarian exploring effective leadership, local history and community service.
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One Response to Bellingham, Washington

  1. Patti says:

    Bravo. You made it on time. Smooth sailing.


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