WY – UT – ID

Outside Ogden, Utah

Outside Ogden, Utah

Today was a short and uneventful day.  I left Evanston, Wyoming about 8:30am–the temperature was 5 degrees and quickly dropped to 4 below as I entered Utah. Driving through the mountains was awe-inspiring–I kept wishing I could stop the car and take pictures!  I was able to stop at a scenic overlook to get this picture, which unfortunately doesn’t convey the scale and majesty of the scene.

I spent most of the day in Idaho, where the forecast was for snow showers.  The clouds would gather and I’d think, ‘OK, this is it. Snow ahead.’ But the snow never materialized. The temperature gradually rose to 28 degrees, with alternating sun and clouds. Approaching Boise on I-84, a sign announced that the road was closed at Ontario, Oregon, about 40 miles ahead, due to weather conditions.  So I stopped for the night at Caldwell, Idaho, just north of Boise. I have about 575 miles to Bellingham, and two days to get there.

December 27

December 27

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6 Responses to WY – UT – ID

  1. Patti says:

    Time for a break in weather. Wishing you clear skies to enjoy the views.


  2. Steve says:

    Quite the adventure, Pat. Please keep the posts coming!


  3. Cathy Ahern says:

    I think that you will make it to Bellingham, weather looks more favorable ahead.Travel safe, love the photos


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