A hard 250 miles …

Ogallala, NE rest stop

Ogallala, NE rest stop

… and I’m still in Nebraska–Kimball, to be exact. I left Kearney about 9am–it was foggy but not too bad, and I decided there wouldn’t be a better time to get on I-80. The first hour was foggy and then rainy, but definitely driveable. Then I saw a sliver of sun ahead, and it continued to get brighter and brighter. By the time I got to the Ogallala, NE rest stop, the sun was starting to shine–it was going to be a good day after all!

It was, for another hour or so.  The landscape went from large cattle farms, to rolling fields of yellow grass with small tumbleweeds blowing onto the highway. The temperature rose to 46 degrees.  But after I-76 broke off to the south, the clouds ahead grew dark and low, like a heavy blanket–it felt a little claustrophobic to be driving into them. The rain started again, and the temperature fell quickly to 32 degrees, when the rain turned to sleet and the wind picked up sharply. The temperature continued to fall, and so did my speed!  I had hoped to get to Cheyenne, Wyoming today. I decided to stop when the trucks I was driving alongside started pulling over, just before the second Kimball exit.  I putted my way off the interstate and into Kimball, and thankfully (oh, so thankfully) found a hotel. I’m ensconced there now, with snack foods (thank you, Jolee, Jayne, Tom and Kathy!) and an Internet connection.

Tomorrow is another day …

Christmas Day

Christmas Day

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