Neither snow, nor fog, nor rain …

… keeps me off the road for long!  Yesterday I left Du Bois, Pennsylvania at noon to drive to my mom’s house in Cincinnati. The freezing rain had stopped not long before, and the temperature hovered just above freezing. The roads were well-treated and mostly dry through Pennsylvania and into northern Ohio. As I passed Youngstown and made my way to Akron, the fog set in–never enough to completely obscure the road, and there were areas that were quite beautiful with the fallen snow and fog above.


Rest stop south of Akron

It wasn’t until I got through Columbus and was headed down I-71 to Cincinnati that the rain started in earnest. The kind of rain that makes it hard to see the lines on the road (thank heaven for reflective line markers!) or the lights of the car ahead. The rain came in waves–it would almost stop at times, and then come down as hard as ever. This went on for the two hours it took to get to my mom’s house on the west side of Cincinnati, at 7:20pm.

Today Mom hosted a get-together with family–it was great to catch up with everyone, many of whom I hadn’t seen since the summer. I’ll be visiting family for the next several days, and then on Friday I’ll set off again on my cross country trip. Until then, have a great week!

About Pat Tully

Librarian exploring effective leadership, local history and community service.
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