And … I’m off!



John, Bert and Shawn (not sure of the spelling!) from Fallon Movers came to my apartment at 8am yesterday, and were very efficient–by 10:30am they had everything out, and I had a big cleaning job to do!  I was finished by 4pm and turned in my keys, and then set out with my last donation to Goodwill, delivery to the Recycling Center, and old paint drop-off to Krishna, who will arrange to have it disposed of (thank you, Krishna!).  Last night I received good luck messages from several friends–thanks to you all!–and calls from my parents to ask how it had all gone.

At the Radisson I collapsed, waking up this morning at 6am to a fresh coat of snow on the car.  Today I plan to do a little weight reallocation inside the car as it is warming up, and then set off for western Pennsylvania!

For the past month or so I’ve been saying goodbye, and I don’t know if there is anything left to say.  Middletown is an amazing place and grows more so with each passing year–there are new buildings, new events, new programs and new people providing opportunities for community growth and involvement.  It is not a community without problems, or without tensions and conflict about how to solve them.  But it is a place that is alive–with activities, possibilities and promise.  I will miss Middletown and Connecticut, and most of all the friends and colleagues I came to know and love.  A heartfelt thanks, and best wishes!  We will keep in touch–I want to know what amazing things happen here next.

About Pat Tully

Librarian exploring effective leadership, local history and community service.
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2 Responses to And … I’m off!

  1. Beth says:

    Safe travels! Take the warm company of friends with you as you go… there are many! And remember, “Wherever you go, go with all your heart.” Let this be your mantra. Alaska,new adventures and new friends are waiting for you! Beth


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